The reverent are filled with an adoration for human beings that sometimes borders on worship. They regard Homo sapiens as humble gods, the most successful child to arise from the cradle of Earth. Without humans, no uplifts would exist, so in reverent eyes humans should be idolized, cherished, rewarded, and served. Reverents follow transhuman culture slavishly, copying human styles of fashion, political trends, entertainment, and cuisine. Sex with transhumans is extremely popular. They often choose to sleeve in transhuman morphs, feeling incredibly honored to do so, as they will tell anyone who listens. Being mistaken for a human is considered one of the highest forms of flattery. Though some humans welcome the reverents' point of view—particularly the hypercorp shills who benefit from the loyalty of their citizens—most humans are made queasy by their pseudo-worship.
The reverent are the only uplift faction that fully supports the genetic and reproductive controls forced upon uplifts. They reason that uplift is a tremendous gift—and only the best among the baseline creatures deserve it. Besides, if the very transhuman scientists who brought them into the world believe uplift should be limited to genetically perfect specimens, who are uplifts to argue with the wisdom of their betters? Mercurials despise the reverents. They consider the reverents’ subservience a shameful display of self-loathing and speciesism. Some mercurials have gone so far as to “out” reverents in human morphs, making it difficult for them to pass as human. Some have theorized that the reverents are a hypercorp experiment to breed willing uplift slaves—and in truth, a number of the reverents’ core initial membership was composed of neo-chimpanzees bred by the same hypercorp (which one? I’ll let you dig up that gem yourself). Amusingly, when faced with the inevitable Uncle Tom epithets thrown their way, the average reverent will smile serenely and say: “Uncle Tom? See? You even rely on humanity for your insults.”

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