This page is full of spoilers, so if you're a player you probably shouldn't read them, or you should at least talk to your gamemaster before doing so.

Little is known about the alien race known as the Iktomi except for the ancient ruins they left behind on Echo V. No Iktomi specimens have been found so far, though certain architectural remains suggest a predilection for web-like structures. This has been bolstered by certain other features and relics which suggest these aliens had a segmented, multi-legged, arthropod-type form—thus their given name, after a Native American spider god.

What is clear is that the Iktomi suffered through some sort of cataclysmic event that wiped out their civilization. The nature of this event has yet to be determined, but it raises concerns for many researchers. Having suffered through its own near-apocalypse, it is not comforting for transhumanity to find evidence that other alien species did not.

Though the Iktomi are likely long extinct, the remnants of their civilizations presents a plot hook for gamemasters to use for building scenarios. Perhaps evidence is uncovered of Iktomi settlements in other star systems, and the characters are sent to investigate or a relic is unearthed that suggests the Iktomi fell prey to some danger that now threaten transhumanity.

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