Major Industries: Terraforming, Ecosystem Management, Environmental Data
Major Stations: Caldwell (Vulcanoids), Ashoka (Mars), Elegua (Earth orbit)
Built from the remains of several pre-Fall South African and Southeast Asian corporations who engaged in geo-engineering projects and sought to relieve Earth’s ecological crises, TerraGenesis's expertise is in developing sustainable biospheres and ecosystems via aggressive industrialized terraforming. TerraGenesis is different in that it is a worker-owned cooperative, with workplace councils in local offices and an elected cooperative congress handling management. It maintains several habitats on Mars and a small number of research stations in orbit around Earth, collecting data for simulations of Earth revitalization projects. The latter initiative is strongly supported—and possibly financed—by prominent reclaimers. TerraGenesis's work on Mars, however, is often targeted by preservationist saboteurs. Thanks to their possession of the Vulcanoid Pandora Gate, the cooperative has a growing presence on various exoplanets that are ripe for terraforming or geoengineering.

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