Major Industries: Robotics, Aerospace Engineering, Habitat Construction
Major Stations: Korolev Shipyards (Luna), Vesta (Main Belt)
Another remnant of the pre-Fall megacorp Monolith Industries (like Omnicorp), Starware is a leading manufacturer of robotics, spacecraft fusion drives, satellites, and entire pre-fab habitats. Despite its financial success and resources, Starware's ongoing blood feud with Omnicorp denies both corporations full membership privileges on the Planetary Consortium. Starware makes heavy use of AI workers in robotic shells, having suffered a few too many labor disputes with disgruntled Lunar workers. In fact Starware grows increasingly unpopular with its Lunar neighbors, and has been forced to bring in extra security due to frequent sabotage attempts. Recent negotiations with the Factors have spurred theories that Starware might be acquiring Factor aid for building a lighthugger starship.

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