Slitheroid ExtropianSmuggler BenNewman

Slitheroid bots are synthetic shells taking the form of a 2-meter-long segmented metallic snake, with two retractable arms for tool use. Snake bots can coil, twist, and roll their bodies into a ball or hoop, moving either by slithering, burrowing, rolling, or pulling themselves along by their arms. The sensor suite and control computer are housed in the head.
Enhancements: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Enhanced Vision, Mnemonic Augmentation
Mobility System: Snake (4/16; 8/32 rolling)
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 45
Wound Threshold: 9
Advantages: +5 COO, +5 SOM, +5 to one other aptitude of the player’s choice, Armor 8/8
CP Cost: 40
Credit Cost: Expensive

SlitheroidSoldier FrankiePerez

Stitch: I don’t want to spoil the fun, but one of the biggest manufacturers of slitheroids has a habit of including “easter egg” features in their morphs. From the sound of it, each one tends to be unique.
Scent.In.Hell: One ego’s easter egg is another’s distracting glitch. I understand that programmers find these things amusing, particularly among themselves, but discovering a new “feature” in a high-stress situation can be dangerous, especially if you have to figure out how to use it.
Chiro: Oh, calm down, these aren’t the sorts of things that are life and death.

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