Uplifts are no more immune to speciesism than transhumans. There are plenty of chimpanzees who believe the chimp is the pinnacle of evolution, parrots who look down at their non-avian brethren, and octopi who truly believe that eight is enough. Though their numbers are small, minute even, their dogma is dangerous and disturbing enough to take note of. These groups are a shameful reminder that hate knows no bounds.
Purist groups range from small public movements to secretive cells. Many are more akin to criminal gangs than activists or politicos. Their ideology is often rooted in rage at the treatment of uplifts by human hands. Many of their recruits are ignorant, misguided uplifts who were politically radicalized by some experience or event, and in the course of looking for answers they found the simplistic solution of scapegoating their enemies for all of their problems.
Even those who adhere to supremacist outlooks usually claim to be oppressed and victimized unfairly, held down by the injustices of humans. Some publish manifestos that strike out with blind rage at those who they feel are most to blame for these problems. Others take more direct courses of action, striking back at their enemies.
Examples of this ilk include Rising Tide, a group of neo-orca supremacists. Blaming the destruction of their home oceans on humans, these orcas also identify as apex predators, physically superior to almost all other biological sapients in the system. Another example is the neanderthal terrorist organization Wrong Turn. Members of Wrong Turn believe that all history changed for the worse when cro-magnons drove the original neanderthals into extinction. Their goal is to correct that “mistake” and prevent it from happening again by wiping out all humans and assuming their proper place in the vanguard of transhumanity.

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