OpteryxMorph Geppert

This recon morph is designed to be a fast, lightweight runner, climber, and flyer. The opteryx looks like a one-meter-tall winged, synthetic dinosaur and adopts an almost horizontal body posture when running, its tail held out for balance. Its wings are fully functional arms equipped with claws. This morph is a favorite for gatecrashers and neo-avians in the dinosaur identity subculture. It comes equipped with cartography package software.
Enhancements: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Claws, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Enhanced Vision, Grip Pads, Mnemonic Augmentation, Pneumatic Limbs (Legs), Prehensile Tail
Mobility System: Walker (8/40), Winged (8/40)
Aptitude Maximum: 30 (25 SOM)
Durability: 25
Wound Threshold: 5
Advantages: Flight, +5 COO, +5 INT, +5 REF, +10 Climbing skill, +10 Flight skill, Armor 2/2
Notes: Small Size trait
CP Cost: 40
Credit Cost: Expensive (Minimum 40,000+)

Nova Vida: Our team’s scout swears by these things, says nothing beats them for feeling like you’re just eating up ground on a scouting op. Having seen her in action, I can’t help but agree. The opteryx just flows between running, flying, gliding, and jumping without effort.
Eludere: A crew I know that makes quick runs into the TQZ for small packages uses these too. They like the size and ability to avoid detection by staying under radar range and dipping into crevices and caves to avoid satellite coverage.