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Novacrabs are a pod design bio-engineered from coconut crab and spider crab stock and grown to a larger (human) size. Novacrabs are ideal for hazardous work environments as well as vacworker, police, or bodyguard duties, given their ten 2-meter long legs, massive claws, and chitinous armor. They climb and handle microgravity well and can withstand a wide range of atmospheric pressure (and sudden pressure changes) from vacuum to deep sea. Novacrabs feature compound eyes (with human-equivalent image resolution), gills, dexterous manipulatory digits on their fifth set of limbs, and transgenic vocal cords.
Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Carapace Armor, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Enhanced Respiration, Gills, Mnemonic Augmentation, Oxygen Reserve, Puppet Sock, Temperature Tolerance, Vacuum Sealing
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 40
Wound Threshold: 8
Advantages: 10 legs, Carapace Armor (11/11), Claw Attack (DV 2d10), +10 SOM, +5 to two other aptitudes of the player’s choice
CP Cost: 60
Credit Cost: Expensive (minimum 30,000+)

Expat: I know some people really dig their crab morphs, but these things really squick me out when they eat.
Just Mortal: The question everyone wants to know is: how do their legs taste?
Sun Bu’er: An exhuman I once spoke to told me they were “delicious, but not as good as splicer.”

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