New Day

New Day is notable as the hypercorp responsible for simultaneously resurrecting and uplifting neanderthals. Though the ethics of recreating one of humanity’s closest cousins and their decision to only raise neo-neanderthals were questioned and criticized at the time, both issues are largely moot now that a substantial neo-neanderthal population exists. Headquartered at Moustier in the Martian Trojans, New Day continues to breed and improve on neo-neanderthal germlines. Unlike many other uplift corps, New Day imposes no ownership claims, breeding restrictions, or indenture contracts on their progeny—once they reach the age of 16. Until that point, neo-neanderthals are monitored, tested, and raised in New Day-sponsored communities. They do, however, place a lien on each uplift, collected as a percentage of their earned income, until they repay the costs of their upbringing. Given that the oldest is just over 25, most neo-neanderthals are still under New Day’s supervision, and most remain indebted to the corp.
According to the rumors, New Day is hard at work on developing a morph that is a perfect hybrid of neanderthal and human genetics. The idea seems to be to create a sleeve in which neo-neanderthals can better fit in to transhuman society while retaining part of their heritage, while also giving an option for transhumans who want to play at being part “cave man” for a while (and yes, neo-neanderthals consider that term a pejorative, except for those that embrace the term and own it). In the deep currents of the mesh, I've also heard that New Day is interested in uplifting some of humanity’s other extinct cousins, such as Homo floresiensis and the Denisovans. They lack the genetic material and information they need for this project, however, as much was lost on Earth during the Fall. Supposedly New Day has an open bounty for any scavengers that retrieve the information they need from Earth.

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