Memes: Nano-Ecology, Nanotechnology, Environmentalism, Techno-Progressivism
Main Stations: Viriditas (Mars)
Nano-ecologists are pro-technology environmentalists. Active in the terraforming of Mars and several exoplanets, nano-ecologists specifically advocate the use of nanotechnological means for terraforming or other intrusions in an existing ecosphere. In their view, nanotechnology allows for a less invasive, highly accurate, more efficient, and non-pollutive approach towards all kinds of adaptive processes and projects, circumventing the need to expose an environment to massive and drastic changes when transforming it for transhuman population. This ecologically-conscious approach seems an appealing compromise between the extreme ends of the solar system’s political landscape—the hypercorp and the bio-con factions—and has developed a momentum of its own, evolving into a growing political movement.

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