Hypercorp Areas of Business Reference Pages
Cognite Cognitive Science, Mental Implants, Psychosurgery, Nootropics Cognite, Phobos, Thought, Geographos/Synapscape, Bright, Aten, Maximizing Your Muse, Rumoured Pandora Gates, Uranus, Planetary Consortium, Hypercorp Interests
Comet Express (ComEx) Courier Services, Shipping, Logistics Comet Express, Transix, Phobos, Olympus, Planetary Consortium
Direct Action Security Services, Military Contracting Direct Action, Hexagon, Gorgon Defense Systems, Phobos, Tsukomo, Aten, Planetary Consortium, Mercury, Main Belt, Valles-New Shanghai, Ultimates, Hypercorp Interests
Ecologene Environmental Systems, Genetics, Transgenic Livestock Ecologene, V/2014-Ra, Cythera, Mars Faction and Hypercorp Stations, The Flytrap, Vulcanoid Gate, Politics, Power, and Law Enforcement, Extrasolar Environments
Exotech Uploading, AIs, Electronics, Software Exotech, Exotech, Introspect, Hawking, Xenoarcheological Missions, Pandora Gate, The Secret History of Firewall, Planetary Consortium
Experia Media (AR, VR, XP), News, Entertainment, Memetics Experia, Mankell, Elysium, [Titania]], Planetary Consortium, Hypercorp Interests, Politics, Power, and Law Enforcement, Valles-New Shanghai
Fa Jing Mining, Energy, Biotech, Industrial Manufacturing Fa Jing, Delacroix-Shelly, New Dazhai, Atlas, Mimas, Gerlach, Titanian Agencies, Mercury, Planetary Consortium, Resource Exploitation Missions, Valles-New Shanghai, Gatecrashing Ops
Gatekeeper Gatecrashing, Research, XP Media, Exoplanet Colonization Gatekeeper Corporation, Hypercorp Interests, Pandora Gate, Organizing Missions, Babylon, Pandora, The Pandora Gates, Titan, Echo, Emergency Protocols, Vulcanoid Gate, Xenoarcheological Missions, Exploration Missions, The Factors, Pandora Gates, Titanian Commonwealth, History, Extrasolar Environments, Uplift Social Issues, Planetary Consortium
Go-Nin Group Banking, Agritech, Robotics, and Services Go-Nin Group, Hypercorp Interests, Tsukomo, Eris, Discord Gate, Aspis, Extrasolar Systems, Organizing Missions, Ilmarinen, Extrasolar Environments, Lunar-LaGrange Alliance, The Pandora Gates,
Gorgon Defense Systems Miltech, Security, Military Contracting Gorgon Defense Systems,
Nimbus Electronics, Mesh Systems, Farcasting, Communications Nimbus,
Omnicorp Nanofabrication, Chemicals, Energy, Anti-Matter Omnicorp,
Pathfinder Exoplanet Colonization, Mining, Research Hypercorp Interests,
Prosperity Group Agriculture, Aquaculture, Pharmaceuticals Prosperity Group,
Skinaesthesia Genetics, Cloning, Biotech, Morph Design Skinaesthesia,
Skinthetic Genetics, Cloning, Biotech, Morph Design Skinthetic,
Solaris Banking, Insurance, Investments, Futures Markets, Info Brokerage Solaris,
Somatek Uplifts, Pharming, Pharmaceuticals, Genetics Somatek,
Starware Robotics, Aerospace Engineering, Habitat Construction Starware
Stellar Intelligence Intelligence, Data Mining, Info Brokerage, Espionage Hypercorp Interests,
Terragenesis Terraforming, Ecosystem Management, Environmental Data Terragenesis, Hypercorp Interests,
Zbrny Group Asteroid Mining, Mineral Processing Zbrny Group,
New Day Hominid Uplifting and Research New Day,
Darwin's Children, Inc Uplift Technology Darwin's Children, Incorporated,
Feral Robot Synthetic Morphs for Uplifts Feral Robot,
Pecos Security
Medusan Shield Security Services Gorgon Defense Systems,
Pai Gow Security Services Qing Long, Triads
Herzog Security Martian Gate
Red Zone Security
Red Northern
Elysium & Tharsis Railways
Rail Eos
Great Southern Rail Line
Olympus Infrastructure Authority
Althauser Rocketry Valles New Shanghai,
Jaehon Offworld
Galaxy Entertainment Group Casinos, Gambling Qing Long, Triads
Red Five
Savage Media
The Boba Experience
Tetsuo Robotics
O'Connor Mechanics
Eng/Dilworth IT automation and security Phobos
Hyundai Transport Personal Transport Design,
Galliato Fashion House
Brokenridge Terraforming
Leong Admintech
Aerial Dynamics Cythera
Skythe Cythera
OneCom The Flytrap
Gunboat Hypercorp Interests
Kali Netsec Hypercorp Interests
Lucky Star Group Hypercorp Interests
Nanosys Hypercorp Interests

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