GrieferMorph ThomasTung

Based on the case synthmorph design, griefers are used by vandals, terrorists, and dedicated trolls to harass enemies and antagonize the masses. Griefers have embedded sound and holographic display systems so they can easily harass an individual or an entire crowd. They are also typically equipped with numerous hacking tools and software aids, though they do not come with these by default. Most importantly, they are built without cortical stacks, so if they are destroyed, the ego cannot be interrogated through psychosurgery. Griefers are illegal in many habitats, especially in the Planetary Consortium, but DRM-free blueprints are easy to find in many darknets, thus making them a persistent annoyance in some systems. A few habitats have passed laws mandating that killing a griefer is not considered murder, assault, or even destruction of property.
Enhancements: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cyberbrain, Holographic Projector, Loudspeakers, Mnemonic Augmentation, Puppet Sock
Mobility System: Walker 4/16
Aptitude Maximum: 20
Durability: 20
Wound Threshold: 4
Advantages: Armor (4/4)
Disadvantages: –5 to two aptitudes of the player’s choice, Lemon trait, No Cortical Stack trait, Social Stigma (Griefer) trait
CP Cost: 5
Credit Cost: Moderate

Das Frettchen: I am consistently amazed at the degree to which trolls will go. There’s an oligarch on Luna who pissed someone off either before or during the Fall. He has literally been stalked by griefers every day for the past decade. He’s given up trying to track the source, and his staff just destroy them on sight.
Callosum: Aphrodite Prime on Venus has had some issues lately with griefer flash mobs. Expect Morningstar to ban these soon.
Nezumi: I know a scum swarm that runs a griefer obstacle course on a different asteroid every year. Very few survive the traps, snipers, and general mayhem.

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