FuturaMorph LunarEgoHunter

An exalt variant, futura morphs were specially crafted for the “Lost generation.” Tailor-made for accelerated growth and adjusted for confidence, self-reliance, and adaptability, futuras were intended to help transhumanity regain its foothold. These programs proved disastrous and the line was discontinued, but some models remain, viewed by some with distaste and others as collectibles or exotic oddities.
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Eidetic Memory, Emotional Dampers
Aptitude Maximum: 30
Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7
Advantages: +5 COG, +5 SAV, +10 WIL, +5 to one other aptitude of the player’s choice
CP Cost: 40
Credit Cost: Expensive (exceptionally rare; 50,000+)

Plasmid: While the original stigma kept these rare, the genetics have been copied and reproduced (and sometimes tweaked) by numerous skincrafters.
Callosum: Want to know a secret? Cognite still produces their original futura models. For “in-house” purposes, of course.
Cacophonous: There’s a lot of people that believe futura morphs remain in circulation so that they can be tracked—reasoning being that they hope to catch fugitives from the Lost Generation that are still on the loose.
Skinwalker: I’ve heard that rumor as well—and also that the ones in circulation are booby-trapped in various ways.
Black Pharoah: I can substantiate one of those rumors. There is at least one Firewall scanner tasked with tracking futura morphs in the wild. It is wise to assume others do as well.

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