Direct Action

Major Industries: Security Services, Military Contracting
Major Stations: Hexagon (Earth-Luna L5)
Descended from the remnants of several pre-Fall national military forces and private military contractors, this hypercorp made a name for itself in the period immediately following the Fall, where they helped manage refugee populations among various habitats and vessels while shattering any sign of unrest immediately and with full force. Direct Action today is known for its highly-efficient shock troops and superior combat morphs, providing security and public police services to self-governing habitats or hypercorp installations. Shifting political alliances between habitat clusters, corporate rivalry, and the constant fear of TITAN agents cater to Direct Action’s paranoia-inducing marketing. The corporation maintains several habitats as physical training facilities and armament depots.

Sidebar: War Crimes

To: Meshleaks Newswire
From: <mesh ID does not exist>
You asked for it: verifiable evidence proving Direct Action’s war crimes during the Fall <link failure>. Go ahead, take it public. The Planetary Consortium elites will find you, kill you, and erase your backups. Go ahead. Test them.

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