Darwin's Children, Incorporated

DCI is the largest hypercorp wholly owned and operated by uplifts. Its focus is on providing the tools and adaptations for uplifts to function in transhuman society. It designs blueprints for and manufactures translators that convert dolphin whistles and whale song into human speech, servos that allow parrots and octopi to manipulate equipment they don’t have the strength to operate on their own, drugs that compensate for protein deficiencies, and a thousand other products. If there’s an uplift somewhere that needs a special tool or modified device, DCI has likely either designed one itself or contracted with freelancers to do so.
Lest you think DCI is all about uplift love, don’t lose sight of the fact that they are a ruthless for-profit business. The neo-orangutans behind the outfit are cold-hearted capitalists whose driving ideology seems to be to raid the bank accounts of their fellow uplifts before some humans do. Greed is not solely a human trait.
Nevertheless, DCI recognizes that the more rights uplifts have, the better consumers they will be. Based in the Morningstar Constellation, DCI has been instrumental in lobbying the fledgling government to pass legislation protecting uplift interests. They also contribute heavily to uplift rights groups active in the Consortium.

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