Major Industries: Cognitive Science, Mental Implants, Psychosurgery, Nootropics
Major Stations: Thought (Venus orbit), Phobos (Mars moon) A pioneer in the field of cognitive science, Cognite (pronounced cog-neet) drives forward the cutting edge of research into understanding the transhuman mind. Most well-known for their mental augmentations and the original menton morph design, Cognite also specializes in psychosurgery and nootropics. Their elitist and aloof image was not aided by their scandalous involvement with the projects to raise accelerated growth children that became known as the Lost generation, nor rumors that they engage in research involving TITAN-influenced incapacitating input attacks. Nevertheless they remain a key member in the Planetary Consortium.

Sidebar: Psiclone

To: Proxy-99
From: <Encrypted>
I’m enclosing some data I recently acquired from an inside source regarding a so-called “Project Psiclone”—some type of black budget research initiative pursued by Cognite, possibly with involvement from other Planetary Consortium interests. Their work seems to focus strongly on the Watts-Macleod strain of the Exsurgent virus—with some alarming results.

From an article written by the neo-dolphin Blue [link]
Whereas many uplifts hate hypercorps like Somatek, Cognite they fear. Cognite is known and respected for their cognitive enhancements and psychosurgical procedures, but they are also infamous for their research into the dark and strange corners of the mind—and they don’t just toy with human minds. Uplifts are interesting primarily because their brains are not human in origin.
Though Cognite offers little in the way of uplift research or products or services geared towards uplift consumers, there is no question that they experiment with uplift cognition. Experimentation requires altering an experimental subject and observing the variation in results. Now this doesn’t sound so bad when you’re talking about rolling balls of different masses down ramps of various inclines, but what if you’re talking about slicing into living minds?
If rumors are to be believed, Cognite has numerous side projects dedicated to modeling and modifying uplift minds according to varying criteria. Things like modeling schizophrenia and autistic spectrum variations in different uplift breeds. Things like repeatedly inflicting mental stress on uplift forks to measure psychotic break points. Things like raising uplifts with non-human models of mind. That’s right—the dream that many mercurials have of non-human mindsets? I’d bet money Cognite is already far down that road—and most of us wouldn’t like the results.

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