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Cases are extremely cheap, mass-produced robotic shells intended to provide an affordable remorphing option for the millions of infugees created by the Fall. Though many varieties of case bot models exist, they are uniformly regarded as shoddy and inferior. Most case morphs are vaguely anthromorphic, with a thin framework body, standing just shorter than an average human, and suffer from frequent malfunctions.
Enhancements: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Mnemonic Augmentation
Mobility System (Movement Rate): Walker (4/16)
Aptitude Maximum: 20
Durability: 20
Wound Threshold: 4
Advantages: Armor (4/4)
Disadvantages: –5 to one chosen aptitude, Lemon trait, Social Stigma (Clanking Masses) trait
CP Cost: 5
Credit Cost: Moderate

Das Frettchen: Here we are, the ghetto beater of morph options. Sometimes, you make do with what you can … and then you evacuate right out next chance you get.
Qi: There’s a reason more and more infugees and indentures are preferring to stay virtual.
Rivet: The steady rise in anti-case hate crimes on Luna and Mars doesn’t help.
Stitch: Have you all seen the new case designs sponsored by the Autonomist Alliance? Better quality, not much more expensive. Most of the designs are open-sourced too. I know a few Barsoomian maker labs on Mars that are churning them out.
Moxie Harper: They need to keep careful. Oversight has been clamping down on these lately, citing the usual copyright infringement bullshit. They burned out a maker base in Elysium just last night. Literally. Nothing but a flaming crater left behind.

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