BruiserMorph JamesMosingo

This morph is specifically designed to be large, strong, and physically intimidating. Adopted early on by some sports performers, it quickly became a favorite among criminal cartels and thugs. At 2.5 meters tall, the morph may have difficulty moving comfortably in all but the most open and uncrowded of habitats. This morph’s “claws” extend from its knuckles and are more like reinforced bone brass knuckles.
Implants: Adrenal Boost, Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Claws, Cortical Stack, Hardened Skeleton
Aptitude Maximum: 30 (SOM 40)
Durability: 60 (includes Hardened Skeleton bonus)
Wound Threshold: 10
Advantages: +10 Intimidation skill, +15 SOM (includes Hardened Skeleton bonus), +5 REF (+15 with Adrenal Booost), +5 to one other aptitude of the player’s choice
Disadvantages: Unattractive (Level 1) trait
Notes: Large Size trait
CP Cost: 60
Credit Cost: Expensive (minimum 60,000+)

Qi: Bruisers, the morph that lets everyone else know you didn’t get enough bullying in as a kid.
Parallax: Meh, bigger they are …
Violet Perdido: Watch what you say. There’s a thriving business in bruisers as vacation morphs for those who simply want to try out the enhanced genitalia.
Eludere: You want to see some fun action? Go watch the bruiser wrestling rings down on Luna. They can throw each other impressive distances.
Sequencer: What’s impressive are the number of limited-edition bruisers based on the genetics of pre-Fall wrestlers and athletes. The market is huge.
Just Mortal: Can’t see the point of sleevin’ something that’s just going to bang it’s head on every door frame in existence.

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